Posted by: annmucc | June 23, 2008

My first blogpost :)

I have been following some local and foreign bloggers for a while but was never into creating my own blog. However, now that I am moving from university life to who knows what next, on a whim, I decided to plunge into this world of bloggers. Maybe they will accept me there? Who knows ;). I hope this will become the place where I can pour out my concerns, ideas and thoughts as they come – but be warned! I tend to change my mind by the minute sometimes…so let’s just hope that I will manage to keep this blog as coherent as possible!

Some background about me to set the stage for (hopefully) further posts:
I am just finishing a Bachelor (Hons) degree in Chemistry and Biology at the University of Malta (just a tiny(?) issue of a viva and the results of the final year to come out). I have also just started work at a local pharmaceutical company. I am looking forward to my life to come, however it may turn out, but am also slightly apprenhensive as to the unknown. I enjoy a variety of activities, from music (used to play the piano and the cello) to sport (play softball). Unfortunately I am a disastrous artist (can barely draw a straight line with a ruler!). I am also an avid reader and will read anything that comes to hand (although I need to start preparing for my thesis viva, but mt thesis has been waiting there for ages and I haven’t started going through it again as yet!).

Anyways, enough about me for now (maybe at last I will get on to reading my thesis). I will try to post in the near future to keep this thing going 🙂



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere 😀

  2. @ Michael: Thanks 🙂 Hope I will keep it up!

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