Posted by: annmucc | June 23, 2008

My first rant about work

Today was my third day at work, and my first whole day working, since before I spent more time reading procedures and being shown around than actual work in the lab. I must say that this day has has been quite exhuasting, with me slipping straight into bed on arriving home and sleeping for around two hours. The prospects for tomorrow are that we will have double the work we had today!!!! (I should have been observing another girl today, but typical impatient me couldn’t just look at her and lent a hand, so tomorrow it seems like we will have more work although together). Let’s see how that goes :). I am enjoying work, but its not that stimulating 🙂 But at least its work were I am using some (not much mind you, but not none either!) of what I was exposed to at university.

Some of these days I must write about some of my past experiences to share with you something more about myself, but I must say that I am too exhausted today, and should also be reading my thesis in preparation for the viva later on this week – have no idea when I will do it though :-/ I have been postponing it forever!


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