Posted by: annmucc | June 26, 2008

Isle of MTV…the morning after

Last year I couldn’t go to the Isle of MTV concert in July, so this year I wanted to make it a point to attend – to at least see what all the hype is about. So on one of the least convenient dates, I dragged myself up to the Granaries, Floriana. I was already dead tired from work, and could have slept standing up, besides having my viva the next day, but anyways I wanted to go out!

We had to meet at around 6pm, but even though I was 5 minutes late, Marilyn (who arrived at the same time as I did) and I still were the first to arrive. So after a long wait till everyone arrived, we made our way to the Granaries. There, thanks to the skills of the boys, we got decently close to the stage and in a central position so that we could actually see the artists (some of the time at least).

First off it was Pierre Cordina telling us we were happy people and to put our hands up in the air :). This was followed by Lady Gaga – I must admit I had never heard about her before this concert line-up came up, and this seems to be my impression for most of the other people there (judging from the shouts of next I heard from people around me). However, I must say she did her best in a slightly less accepting environment than for others 😛 She was followed by One Republic, who due to their hits like Apologize, got a much more enthusiastic acceptance, and did actually put up quite a good show. However, the biggest enthusiasm was reserved for Enrique Iglesias, who came again after his visit here last year for the same cocnert. Similar to last year he did the same gimmick of getting a girl on stage and kissing her, which was a bit crass to say the least to do the SAME thing again, especially taking up on stage the same girl from the audience as last year! Couldn’t he have come up with another idea? eg. take up on stage some 10 girls instead of one and kiss them all 😛 to outdo his show last year? I am sure someone could have come up with a better idea! If not – Enrique I can come and help you plan your shows to put in some variety! Leave a comment here and I will be happy to oblige 😀 After he sang, there was a mass exodus of the younger people from the granaries. All of a sudden there was much more space to move in and more fresh air. Also, the average age possibly shot up from around 16 to around 25. From feeling like I was this old person there, I started feeling quite young all over again (phewww!).

However, soon after the Kooks started singing, I had to make my way home due to this mornings viva – since the Chemistry department conveniently scheduled our vivas for this day (at least it meant I could get up later than if I had to go to work, which was good as I definitely needed it. I had to make my way home by bus, since as normally happens in this kind of thing, the mobile lines were blocked so couldn’t get through. On the bus, the driver had never done the route before, so this older lady decided she will tell him the way. After a considerable amount of distress to the driver as she was telling him too late to turn, and a couple of near misses, he turned to me who was behind him to tell him the way, and the rest of the trip went safely.

And this morning is the day of the great (?) viva. Let’s see who my examiner will be, and what kind of questions I’m asked. I did write all the thesis, but it has been around a month since I’ve finished it, and am not sure I remeber all 😐 Will keep you posted on how it goes! Now I have to run since it started in around  1hr, and still have to drag myself up to University!


Take care!



  1. So all in all a good experience for your first concert?

    (sorry im not Enrique :P)

  2. @ Michael: no need for Enrique – got someone better 😉 but it was a good experience overall – glad I went, in spite of the awful viva the next day

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