Posted by: annmucc | June 29, 2008

My Life from last post…

I left you last time with me going off for my viva. I must admit it didn’t go all that well. They started asking me about stuff we did in previous years, which I wasn’t all that up to scratch on. I was very disappointed, but after all – that’s life. Will have to see when the final grade comes out (hopefully in two weeks time at the most).

However, that same night I got some news that I was being called for an interview for an application I had submitted. That lightened my mood up a bit, as did going out with the Tolu twins for an impromptu twins night. (The Tolu twins play softball with my twin sis and I. One of them was abroad for the past year, so hadn’t seen her too much). SUPPOSEDLY we went to watch the football game, but we all talk too much, and ended up laughing and talking the whole time we were there (with very little football watching). It was undoubtedly a morale booster (thanks Tolus!). Friday night I then met up with my friend Marilyn for an ice-cream in valletta. I see her quite often, but nevertheless it was great to talk and walk around Valletta.

Another headache I have right now is what to wear to Renette’s wedding (another girl we play softball with) next Saturday, and for the interview next week. So Saturday morning Cecilia and I went off to the Rahal Gdid/Fgura area to see what we can find in this area we rarely go shopping to. Luckily enough, the place Renette had suggested gave us some painless shopping, with me finding a top I can wear, and Cecilia finding a dress. Then we took ourselves off to other shops where I found a good pair of trousers for the interview. However, I couldn’t find a shirt, which is what I would really like to find. Another day, another shopping trip – hopefully this could be found.

Saturday evening = weekly mass, Fuente meeting with friends and going out. After trudging all over Valletta (at 11:30pm) to find somewhere open to have a drink, we finally arrived at Cafe Jubilee which – alas – was still open. Its always good top sit down and talk with a few friends, catch up, and discuss whatever topic arises. With the group we are I feel like these discussions often take on a quite interesting turn, beyond what I can discuss with other people. Yesterdays topics ranged from the paganism of Maltese culture (inspite of our religious background) and the reasons for this, the pagan gods and their place in Christianity, to Maltese and foreign politics, as well as all our experiences abroad, particularly our voluntary work experiences, since all the group has been somewhere or other (all have been to Egypt at some time, and some have also been to Ethiopia).

The night saw me falling into bed dead tired, and walking up this morning to what I hope to be an easy Sunday, although I have a couple of things I need to take care of (including this blog – I need to post more often to prevent these long posts – AAAAA).

Take care!





  1. Cool blog! 🙂 I like personal blogs more than those where bloggers just talk about politics and never talk about how they perceive life or how those political events affect them…I don’t feel a connection with those bloggers though it is still interesting to listen to their comments of course.

    So, I really like it when I see new blogs like yours! 🙂 Keep it up!!!

    Shopping to get something to wear for a summer wedding….I love it! 🙂 You know, there are beautiful summer dresses at the moment 🙂 I would suggest getting a nice shawl because in the evening it can get a bit chilly 🙂 I went to this wedding some days ago and I wish I had had a shawl with me 🙂

    Take care and again, welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂

  2. @ Wen: Thanks for visiting, and glad you like it. Yes – even I prefer personal blogs where I can understand what others are thinking and feeling about their daily lives. Yes – a shawl is a definite addition to what I will wear! Thanks for the tip

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