Posted by: annmucc | July 6, 2008

Wedding cheer

Last night was Renette’s wedding – the one I have been referring to for needing to find clothes to wear. (Wen: thanks for the tip for taking a shawl with me, but besides for church, where it was needed, during the reception the heat of the night made a shawl redundant – oh heat – when will you leave us?)

First off, we should have picked up my sister’s boyfriend before going to mass. He was planning on landing in Malta at 18:20, and making it to mass on the other side of the island, which started at 19:15. We left him deluding himself to the last minute that he would make it in time for us to pick him up, but needless to say, he didn’t manage. After going round quite a bit to find the chapel, I was pleasantly surprised that the chapel was full (with people standing up). I appreciate this since according to me the chapel is where the real meaning of a marriage takes place, with the reception being a sort of thank you for attending (in the same way, in a civil wedding, it is the actual union which is the wedding, not whatever party/reception is held after). The mass was also worth going to for the priest’s sermon, and the excellent singing there (of course, what would one expect from the singer they had there!). After the mass, they then passed out these small bags with tiny flowers in them to throw as the bride and groom where coming out. I must say I really liked the idea (will steal it from you Renette if I ever get round to having a wedding :P). I think I should start taking a camera round with me to take photos of this stuff to show you, but up to now I am not in the habit.

The reception then was in Villa Bologna. It was a nice place, with a beautiful centrepiece, and amazingly, a good amount of chairs (enough chairs you say, in a wedding reception?) beautifully arranged around the place, and a good band. All in all this proceeded well, with chatting here and there and good food and drinks :D.

A good night for a great girl (and surely a great boy, although I don’t know Michael all that much). You certainly deserve it Renette!


  1. Yes more pictures please! 😉

  2. @ Michael: buuuh 😛 will try to get round to it, but don’t hold your breath till then!

  3. […] will I wear? I had a shiny black and yellow top and black thin-pinstriped trousers from Renette’s wedding. I decided that that outfit will do…after all no one will turn me away for not having gold, […]

  4. […] upshot of going to this game was that I got to see Renette again :D. I hadn’t seen her this time round; I used to play softball with her, and she is […]

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