Posted by: annmucc | July 10, 2008

No Man’s Land

Right now I feel as though I am in this grey area in the middle of my life with so many directions to take but no clue as to which is the best. Yesterday, my bachelor degree results were published, and I can happily state that I am a ‘B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry and Biology’ graduate, with a second upper degree :). Quite happy with that as it was what I was expecting. So…the end of an era has arrived, and the beginning of a new one is starting – that of a graduate 😉 – but what does this have in store for me?

In the meantime, since my last post, I have received an acceptance for a masters course I had applied for in France. However, I am also waiting to see if I will be accepted for an M.Phil/PhD programme in London. As referred to in other posts, I have already had interviews for this PhD, during which I was told a confirmation will posisbly be received at the end of this week, but as yet, nothing has arrived 😐

Currently, I think these are the two options I am mainly looking into. The job I have right now I am finding to be totally non-challenging or stimulating, so i definitely need a change. However – which programme to follow? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The masters, being a European programme involving me studying in two universities is possibly more ‘fun’ and exciting. Also, the subject is more general than the PhD, possibly offering me more job opportunities. As regards the PhD – being in London it will be expensive :S Also, being a PhD (although as always starting with an M.Phil), the level should be higher than of a masters, involving more individual work rather than lectures etc in the masters. Still a bit doubtful which to go for (IF I am accepted for the PhD, since as yet I have no official confirmation). I think however the most pertinent question I have been asked in this quest to discuss which to take in the case I am offered both is one from my brother: ‘Which subject do you think you will enjoy most?’ – and the answer to that was immediately the PhD, since it is more directly related to what I want to do, with a very good professor in the area, in what I think is a good academic environment. Doing a PhD immediately after a B.Sc without a masters may be rushing through things…but at the same time a number of professors have said that doing a masters before is not necessary, and that one should go for a PhD without a masters since the masters is essentially a ‘waste’ of time and money (although the opposite has been advocated by similar numbers of professors). So what will I do, and which road shall I follow from this No Man’s Land? Your guess is as good as mine…will have to wait for September/October probably to be sure…what do you think I should do?



  1. Good Luck with your decision! Both opportunities are really interesting 🙂
    I just finished uni myself, and like you, am thinking about what to do next!

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