Posted by: annmucc | July 12, 2008

Ahhh…the pleasures of a Weekend

After spending most of my life in the education system, weekends had mainly lost their purpose, since weekends still meant more working at asisgnments/HW/projects/studies (etc), depending on the time. Even though summer holidays were mainly holidays, with just a summer job at most, depending on the job of the year, I still either had to work, or had to catch up on what I had not done during the week due to the work hours (at least for the last few years).

However, this year, my job ends at 15:30 (although starts at 7:00), so I still have the evenings to myself (mostly spent sleeping at least as soon as I arrive home). However, today I feel like I am experiencing the beauty of work (of course in a job with limited responsibility): waking up with limited thoughts on your mind, and nohing much to plan, besides enjoying the bliss of the time (hmm – maybe should get round to doing some cleaning? :P). However – particularly in light of my current job, I hope not to have too much of this bliss, and to get back to education in September/October…will keep you posted on what I will do…but for now I will enjoy the bliss of taking life easy 🙂





  1. Taking life easy is really a bliss. I am enjoying it myself after the exam I had last month.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. @ Wen – taking life easy IS a bliss, for the first few weeks, but now I am starting to get a bit antsy to do something else with my life besides work 🙂

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