Posted by: annmucc | July 14, 2008

Discovering Malta

Although I have lived here all my life (surprisingly enough to some) I am still discovering new places, each of which makes me appreciate the beauty of this little place even more. Yesterday, one of our friends decided to take us somewhere new to swim. We planned to go swimming underneath the cliffs where Mnajdra is situated. We met at around 2:30 (of course later, typical us!) and started making our way down. We could immediately see that the sea was rough, but of course, my commando-hero friends wanted to go down. However, when we arrived at the bottom, a climb of around 30-45 mins, the sea was, as was evident before, too rough for us to swim, so we had to make our way back up in the scorching heat.
Our first destination

Our first destination


However, we didn’t want to give up on our ‘adventure swim’ as we were dubbing the day. John, the guy who ahd siggested this place, suggested that we go to Fomm ir-Rih. another place in the north of Malta (FYI Mnajdra is in the south).

Fomm ir-Rih - Charles Bray

We arrived at the place at around 5pm, and I was immediately drawn towards the place – quiet beach, very few people, and very blue sea…what more could you ask? The trek down is a bit dangerous, with you having to go round on the cliffs, but boy was it worth it! The sea was refreshing, and when you dive you just see this very rich blue all around – surrounded by majestic cliffs in a calm bay, with the sun shining on top – WOW. Had never been to the place – but definitely worth all the walking it took to eventually end up there.



  1. nice picture!

    It happens to me too.. I always keep on discovering new places on this Island!

  2. @ninu: for the record…It wasn’t us who took the picture…Clicking on the picture should take you to the link, but just in case, it’s from: (by Charles Bray)

  3. I’m adding Fomm ir-Rih to the list of things to do next time round 🙂

  4. @ Michael: sure – when will that be? 😉

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