Posted by: annmucc | August 2, 2008

Palermo…One Week On

A week has passed since I left Palermo, and no blog post you say? Well, it has been a busy week here in Malta, and after a week in Palermo, I was arriving home dead tired most days after work and sleeping O: )

As I have already said, Palermo was a great experience – one I certainly do not regret applying for and going for. It was good to see people who are really working in the field of conservation science, and also other students, and to talk to them and gauge their feelings towards the subject. Also, being one of the younger students and one of the least experienced, it was a useful earning experience. We also got access to some sites in Sicily or areas not commonly accessible, and talked by the people themselves who have carried out the studies and restorations. I am sure this week will serve me well in my further studies.

During this past week and the next our home has been invaded by Finns! Yes…you heard well 🙂 – my brother’s girlfriend is Finnish, and she, her mother, and her brother are here on a two weeks vacation. It is fun, but also a bit stressful at times. Its different cultures, even if we are all from Europe, so what mayu be good manners for them may be slightly bad taste for them or vice-versa. Also, as always happens when we get visitors, I was booted out of my room for their stay for them to get my room. So all in all I do not have the privacy and downtime as I am used to. However, one week to go, and they are off, and I get a week at home since our company has August shutdown – ahh what bliss – although I am sure it may be a bit stressful, since I have to seriously start preparing for next year…but mroe about that some other time.

In the meantime, this week a friend of mine from last summer in Prague is visiting malta with his girlfriend (who I have never met, but looking forward to :)). So tomorrow it is a day away from the Finns and off to show them around our island. Looking forward to meeting him again, get to know his girlfriend, and also to get some news about Prague (not that I don’t get enough from Michael :P)

Buuh – another long post I see! I have been meaning to post before to be able to post my thoughts at the time, but they seem to colelct and then I want to put down everything in writing at one go – not a very good idea tho 🙂




  1. Glad to hear that you had a cool time in Palermo 🙂

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