Posted by: annmucc | August 19, 2008

Twin Night…Take 2

After a successful night with the T. twins around one and a half months ago, we had promised ourselves we would do it again. Seeing as one of the other twins is leaving next week, and I am leaving the week after, we realised we needed to do it soon…so with some efficient organisation (just about 2 messages and 1 email in total) and a lot of enthusiasm, we decided to do it tonight from ice-cream.

Just got home! Great time! The four of us really get on well, and have a lot of laughs (at our, or other’s expense :p ). but we seem to be on the same wavelength quite often, so conversation flows, and (probably to the irritation to people next to us) so does the laughter.

Thank T. twins…when all of us are back in Malta, we should do it again!



  1. Twins² – that’s a lot!

  2. @ Michael: a lot maybe, but definitely not too much! 😛

  3. thanks,

    sure! Whenever that would be possible 🙂

  4. yey!

  5. @ both TT’s: we need to figure out a time when all are in Malta…or maybe you can all come visit me in London? O: )

  6. GOO Twin’s night :D:D…

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