Posted by: annmucc | August 21, 2008

The countdown begins…

Today marks two weeks before I make my way away from this island which I have called home for the past 21 years or so. Its a bittersweet experience leaving all that you know for something completely new which you don’t know all that much about. As always, you start to get doubts about if you are making the right/best decision for yourself, while feeling giddy and excited about what lays ahead. I feel like I am making a good decision taking up this course, however the fact that it is three years long (though there is a mid-way point I can leave off if it becomes too bad I guess :)) makes it different from most of the other decisions I have made so far. However, I guess that that is life!

At least work is becoming a bit more bearable now that I have decided to leave, since people are actually talking to me properly, asking me about what I will do, which leads to other discussions. Now that I am leaving I am slowly starting to feel part of the group (though I do not regret giving in my resignation :P).

Its one more week at work, and one more week for me leaving here, and three weeks to arrive in London!

Will keep you posted 😉


Aaaah – I nearly forgot! My brother left today for Finland :-/ Nice guy that he is, he said that he will return to Malta for my sister and my birthday. Just one problem – I will already have left! So who knows when I next see him? Come and visit me soon brother darling 😉


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