Posted by: annmucc | August 24, 2008

The Dance of the Jellyfish…

Another invitation by my sister’s boyfriend (B)’s family to go on a ride on their boat…another acceptance from my part (seeing as B is returning next week, so that would limit my invitations :P)…another dive into the sea…but not another pleasant swim!

As we were swimming round to get to another bay, something stung my mum. However, since none of us could see a jellyfish, we continued on swimming. However, this (what we think was a) lone, measley jellyfish, found its way to ME! Now I have a nice reminder on my hand, shoulder, kneeΒ and neck to take around with me. Thank you very much Pelagia noctiluca!

On a more positive note: I got to drive the boat a bit :D:D. Not sure how, but B’s dad asked if I wanted to (maybe he wanted to shut up my complaining? O:) – who knows?), and I of course accepted πŸ™‚

Well – I’m off to a bbq now in celebration of one friend’s birthday today. Will tell you more about that later, as well as another bbq I am plannign before I leave/early birthday party.




  1. I’ve been lucky all my life: I never got stung by a jellyfish – but that’s because if there are only the slightest rumours of those bastids being around, I won’t swim. No need to actually see one. I’m absolutely terrified of them…

  2. @Sabine: Well…there was no rumour of jellyfish anywhere around, and other people swimming around…I guess the jellyfish just had it in for me :-/

  3. Ouch, I’ve never been stung myself but that sounds quite bad! But you don’t remain in pain right? It’s just the mark?? I got a bit sunburnt yesterday (only it a few spots, but it hurts so much :()

  4. @ BTT: Aww to the sunburn – hope you get better soon! Hmm – you don’t remain in pain for hours and hours, but it stings for quite a bit..and now it just ITCHES! AAAAA

  5. I’ve been stung. Doesn’t hurt much!
    nice about driving the boat though, sounds pretty cool…

  6. @ Better Tolu Twin (arrgh – now I cannot call the first BTT – can’t you chose something else? :P): ARGHHH also at your lack of sensitivity! It really did hurt (seeing as my knee is still inflamed after 2 days! and my neck is still blistered from the jellyfish sting. However now it just ITCHES! ARGHHH
    PS: I think the other one is the nicest Tolu Twin, since she was compassionate at least πŸ˜›

  7. last time at Ghajn Tuffieha there were shit loads of jellyfish.. and they were big too, 20cm~ in diamater.. thankfully i wasn’t bitten, and I hope it stays that way, cos I ain’t looking forward to being bitten! πŸ˜›

  8. @Ninuhadida: yeah – getting bitten is no nice experience πŸ˜› . I hope the one that bit was no 20cm one…cos then I must seriously need new glasses!

  9. Well at least Ms/Mr Pelagia noctiluca chose her/his victims wisely…it looooooooves me so much it did not bite me πŸ˜€ I FEEL LOVED

  10. @ BFT: hehe – I prefer other people to love me than Mr./Ms. Pelagias πŸ˜›

  11. […] bit on the rocks, we went back in, but I soon ran out as Alessia saw a jellyfish…after being bitten by one last year I wasn’t to happy with this new swimming mate! I still have the marks from that […]

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