Posted by: annmucc | September 8, 2008

Back Down Memory Lane

Last summer I spent some 6 weeks in Prague on an IAESTE internship at the Institute for Chemical Technology, working on wood conservation science. It had been a great experience for me, since I got the opportunity to work in this field which I wanted to work in, and also meet some great people (not least MCA 😛 ).

I have kept in contact with some of the people I worked in, meeting one girl in Malta as she came on a holiday to visit her then boyfriend who was working here, and another one in Palermo during the course I had gone to there in July (read more at Palermo…Two Weeks On and previous posts). However, I hadn’t met again one of the girls who worked there and who has helped me in my bachelor dissertation, since she worked in paper conservation science like I was doing, so she could answer some of my questions. I emailed her last week saying I was going to be here. However, tonight she is going to a conference, so wouldn’t be around for the rest of the week. Today was the only opportunity, so I went down to meet her at the university. It was good to talk to her, especially since now she is moving into the area of photographic conservation science, which is the area i will be working in in London, so as always, it is good to talk and have the contacts, both for me and for her. I also met Martina (the girl who had come to Malta), and this years IAESTE trainee working in the laboratories where I was working 🙂 . Good to know someone else is getting the same opportunity I did, especially if she is also very interested in the subject.

I apologise for the long posts, but so much is going on!

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