Posted by: annmucc | September 8, 2008

Prague so far

What have I been up to since Saturday morning? Hmm…a lot…not sure if even I can remember!

So Saturday night, after walking around Prague and visiting the sights, we returned ‘home’ to rest. Then it came to the cooking…what to cook? We decided on chicken enchilladas (don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, I didn’t either 😛 It’s similar to tortillas, but you bake them in the oven from what I understood 🙂  – look here for a little idea:,1939,151173-235199,00.html). We also made chocolate chip muffins – mmm…luckily they turned out well, seeing as the instructions were in Czech and we didn’t realise we had to add an egg 😛 . After eating we then went on to a farewell party for a couple which are MCA’s friends who are returning to London (maybe I will see them there 😉 .

Yesterday we had an early morning. We had signed up for a walking trip with this expat group in Prague which MCA often does stuff with to Okor. Okor is a ruin of a Gothic castle. It was good to get out of Prague and walk a bit in beautiful landscapes away from the stifling heat of Malta!

Ruins of a Gothic Castle in Okor

Ruins of a Gothic Castle in Okor

 In the ruins we got a short guided tour of the place. Also, there was a show for kids (in Czech). It seems to have been about characters from Czech fairytales, and also some singing of chidlren’s songs. All the kids around knew the songs, but of course we didn’t 🙂 . It was good fun though 😀 .

Following this we decided to walk on to the Rotunda in Budec. This is said to be the oldest rotunda in middle Bohemia and the place were St. Wenceslas (Czech patron saint) learned to read and write in Latin. Luckily, we were there on a day when tours of the place are given (every first and last weekend of the months from May to September), and even more surprisingly, the guide, a quite young boy (around 15 I guessed) could seak quite good English, so offered to show us round after the Czech tour.

Rotunda in Budec

Rotunda in Budec

 Following the tour, we started to make our way back to Okor, from where we could get the train back around 2km away. We arrived in Okor with around 2 hours to spare, so went to a restaurant to grab something to eat. Some way or another, these 2 hours flew, and we found ourselves with around one hour to eat the food and run to the train station. We started with a fast walk, but when we got close, we heard the crossing gates clossing, so ended running the last bit – Useless though, since we still arrived 5 minutes early, so we rested around till the train arrived (well – not really a train train, more of a bus train seeing as it was only 2 cabins long!). By the time we got to Prague, we were quite tired, so we stayed in, started to watch Notting Hill (were too tired to finish it all!) and slept 🙂



  1. Nice and sweet post you got there 🙂 I like your positive attitude, i felt like I was on the trip with you. Keep it comming, want to read on 😉

  2. @ Anita: Thank you for your nice comments

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