Posted by: annmucc | September 9, 2008

Going Ons…

Yesterday was the day when I got to meet up with a number of MCA’s friends here in Prague. I had been hearing about them for quite a while now, so I was curious to see who they are (and who MCA has been spending time with :P).

First up in the afternoon was meeting up with Michael and Sarah, two Germans living in Prague, with whom we went to the Prague Zoo. Both have their own companies, with Michael being into electronics and Sarah being into team building and motivation/human resource activities. Being around MCA, who has his own software design company with a friend, I have been hearing a lot about businesses (even though I abhor the idea of starting one of my own with a passion!), it was good to hear the experience of others with their own business, and hear them discuss their problems and ways of doing things.

I had already been to the Zoo last year, so it was good to revisit. It is so big that both times we have not had the time to go round it all. Knowing it has been ranked 7th on the Forbes list of best zoos, you immediately realise the beauty of the zoo, with the different animals being integrated together, rather than just having animals separated into different cages. So all in all a good experience, though I didn’t get to see my seals, as the seal area is being refurbished 😦 .

After the zoo, the 4 of us went on to Old Town Square to meet Cristoph and Sue, a German and a Korean couple. I had met Cristoph during my time here last year, and met both of them in Malta this year as they came to visit with Cristoph’s family. It was certainly good to catch up 🙂 . We went to a Czech restuarant, where I could order meat with cranberry sauce and dumplings…If that doesn’t say ‘you’ve returned to Prague’ I don’t know what does!

Meat, dumplings and Cranberry Sauce

Meat, dumplings and Cranberry Sauce

By the end of all this we were all tired, so back home it was and into bed for a good night’s sleep!


Today we had a quite more relaxed day. In the morning we walked to the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle, then on to Letna Park. From Letna park one can get excellent views over Prague. One of our first dates took us there, so it brought back quite a number of memories 😉

View of Prague from Letna Park

View of Prague from Letna Park

From there we kept on going to the Yellow Market in Prague. THis is a big Vietnamese market where you can find cheap stuff (if you barter :P). I thought it would be like the Maltese street markets, with a lot of fake items…apparently not…you can get some original stuff, which the Asians keep on making after they deliver the shipment the original company would have ordered.

We were originally looking for a laptop backpack but couldn’t find one. Thus, since I also needed a good jacket for London, we looked for that as well…Mission accomplished…jacket seen, tried on, bartered over, and bought. What a relief – mum had been going on at me for ages to get a good jacket!…To put the icing on the cake, MCA told me that his parents will be giving it to me as a birthday present (coming up next Friday), since they asked him to figure out what I want…nice ‘in-law’s I must say :D:D. So thank you Mr + Mrs Andersen 🙂 it is much appreciated.


Yellow Market

Yellow Market

Back home, MCA had some work to do. That gave me time for a siesta, and since I was free I told him I would cook. Of course, that meant pasta O:). Yesterday Cristoph and Sue gave us a Puttanesca sauce they had got from Rome as a gift, so i tried that out. Great sauce, mediocre cooking from my side = good meal 🙂 .

Now its on to a relaxing night watching some film (The Pianist I think :/)

Will keep you updated!



  1. hola mademoiselle.. i read your post since well you forced me to do so :p I’m glad you’re enjoying your holiday and I’m really jealous cos I’ve never been to a zoo though I’d hate to see lovely animals in captivity.. but from what i read it seems like this is one of the good zoos where the cute little babes are kept in good conditions and are taken care of 🙂 nothing interesting happening here… went to the beach on Sunday and Monday and now I’m browner than ever 🙂 Didn’t go out at all during the weekend (don’t ask why cos i have no idea lolz). Glad you got a cuddly little jacket to keep you warm 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures of you wearing it and looking like a Maltese snowgirl :p take care Ms Wabbit xxx

  2. ‘che cute’

  3. @Mawilyn: well, seeing the animals in their real life would probably be much better. There was a polar bear who looked very restless…poor guy! Abt the jacket I guess you will get to see it quite often!

    @ Mina: 😉

  4. Haha!! The Pianist? Relaxing? :p

    Ann, I’m glad for you that you are really enjoying your time in Prague 😀 Missing you already over here! Keep up with the blog… it’s a great read 😀

  5. @John: Ok Ok, so it wasn’t quite relaxing…but it gets you thinking. MCA’s cousin is right now in Afghanistan, and it is sad how people do not learn from previous wars. They keep on fighting and bearing grudges against others.
    Good to know you are missing me 🙂

  6. boo hoo i want a polar bear 😦 lolz there’s some polar bear i think Japan they said.. poor thing its fur is becoming green cos of some algae which are growing in its tank hehe apparently they’re proliferating cos of the heat and the poor polar bear ended up very green indeed cos the algae are attaching to its fur! poor dear 🙂 xx

    PS: are you excited about the CERN experiment? 😀 god i’m such a geek :p
    PS 2: how many people have access to this thing? poor dears they have 2 blogs to read, yours and my longish comments :p maybe i do need a blog as well :p x

  7. @Mawilyn: poor polar bear…but was it one of the ones which dissolves in water? 😛 Hehe – had known abt the CERN experiments, Too busy right now to really follow (A). and MAWILYN – the WHOLE WORLD has access to this thing 😛 That’s why it is online 🙂
    PS for anyone who doesn’t know the polar bear joke: WHy are white bears soluble in water?…Because they are polar :D:D (Water is a polar solvent, and thus it dissolves polar materials…geeky chemistry joke for everyone out there!)

  8. Hey Ann

    It seems that ur life is getting on better than mine hehe…xej ma jrid jahdem hawnekk…hpfully will get good luck SOON!!!


  9. ms wabbit 2, if you think you ran out of luck, gimme a call and my continuous mishaps will surely make you feel the luckiest person on earth!!!

  10. @Cec:awww…well, I haven’t started my work…so will have to se ehow that goes when it starts!

  11. Ok mawilyn…we need to make a date 😛

  12. […] for New Year dictated that we spend them with Michael H. and Sarah (and friends) in Hennersdorf, a small hamlet in Saxony. The two of them moved there from Prague […]

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