Posted by: annmucc | September 11, 2008


Yesterday was a day of relaxation. MCA was waiting for a call about some job or other, so I took the time to catch up on things, write my blog, and numerous other things in the morning. He got the call after midday (which he was waiting for since the morning), so while he talked on the phone, I cooked the rest of the pasta and puttanesca sauce from the previous day. The day before we had thought that the pasta needed more sauce, but as is typical of me, I went overboard this time and probably had a bit more sauce. Nevertheless, it was eatable 🙂

Following a siesta 😉 we went to watch Wall-E at the cinema. MCA has been going on about us going to watch it for ages. I wasn’t to keen since I generally prefer more human-like films than about a robot. However, this being an animated movie, and MCA wanting to see it, I went along. We had checked it before, and it should have been in English with Czech subtitles, but alas it was dubbed in Czech! Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of dialogue, so we could get along quite well.

However, I think that the film being in Czech allowed me to see beyond the dialoue and into other aspects the film was showing. Rather than seeing the cuteness of the loveable robot Wall-E, I could see the utter destruction of the world when large corporations take over a place and everyone is consumed about what the want; rather than noting the interaction between two robots in a human-like way, I coul see the total alienation from others we get when we rely so much on technology. You can see how regardless of how good technological advances are, they can never replace the rational thinking required when things out of the ordinary occur so you can deal with them correctly. So even though the film isn’t particualrly my cup of tea, it got me thinking about other things…surely not a bad thing right?

Following the film, we walked to Cafe Louvre. This was the place of MCA and my first ‘date’. It was good to be back 🙂 in a certainly more relaxed feeling. Last time round it was me doing most of the talking (as I tend to do when I get nervous), with MCA doing more of the listening. I am sure there was a more balanced situation this time 🙂 . Cafe Louvre is known for visits to it form personalities such as Einstein and Kafka, so now I feel like I am part of these enlightened people 😛 .

Dining Room in Cafe-Louvre

Dining Room in Cafe-Louvre

From there we went on to Cafe-Cafe for our cake and coffee. MMM – delicious. We split a nut cake, since the portions are definitely big, with a hot chocolate (as always) for me, and a coffee for him. We could barely get the cake down, though I certainly finished it, to my regret later cos I was so full!). Will certainly be returning to try out the other cakes ;). Can’t wait!

Enjoy the cakes for me if you ever visit!



  1. The pasta was good – it is just the cook who is to hard on herself 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the next Louvre/Cafe-cafe visit.

  2. @ MCA: 😉

  3. ohhhhhh…your first date location…hihi

    bdw…I would appreciate a bit of cake as well…u can bring some for me plssssss :D:D:D

    PS PS to Ann…digestion successful 2day…contaminated acid was the prob

  4. @Cec: Hehe – Tajjeb tajjeb abt digestion…no cake for you though 😛

  5. how very food concentrated your blog is 😛
    and btw the word is ‘edible’ not ‘eatable’ XD sorry couldn’t resist!!
    Happy Birthday for Tomorrow

  6. […] day…not too bad anyways ), then Wall-E (again in Prague…in CZECH! Read the story here), and now UP. They have all been great films, and this last one was no exception…it made me […]

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