Posted by: annmucc | September 12, 2008

My Last Day in Prague…

So this was my last day in Prague 😥 . However, I must say it was a good one 😀 . Being my birthday, MCA made me pancakes for breakfast…with bananas, chocolate shavings…and wait for it…marmalade 🙂 MMM…I love marmalade and MCA took the effort to buy it, even if he doesn’t really like it.

During breakfast, I made a skype call home…first time since I have left Malta. This was the third birthday in a row that I have been away from Malta and my twin for our birthday, so it was good to make contact 🙂

At 1pm we were to meet Martina and Jakub, two PhD students who work in the department I was working in last year here in Prague at ICT. Martina had visited Malta in the past year and I had met Jakub at the course in Palermo, and it was good to catch up all together and have them and MCA meet. Martina took us to this very nice restuarant near Florenc station called Orient Express. Martina goes there quite regularly, but the waitress today said that tomorrow is their last day there…the restuarant is closing down…how sad! It wasn’t the cheapest restaurant ever, but the food and the ambience were certainly cool and made it deserving the price (still got a good main course salad which I didn’t finish as it was too much for around 5euros I think (confused with conversions now). They also gave me a box of praline chocolates with images of Prague for my birthday 🙂 .

On our way home, MCA and I were to buy the stuff MCA needed for the dinner he is cooking me now for tonight. He wanted rack of lamb, but unfortunately none of the butcher’s/supermarkets we went to had it (or anything lamb for that reason). I am getting pork tenderloin instead, so not complaining anyways.

Now I have just finished packing for tomorrow’s flight to London to start my adventure in that city for the next few years…However in the meantime I am concentrating hard on the good smells coming out of the kitchen. Can’t wait to see what he cooks 🙂





    hehe nice way to spend ur bday imma

    I had meeting with tutor this morning…then slept 😀 and then went swimming with Bee…then 2nijt we went out to Zonqor Point with Christine & Julian :D…had lots of fun…but now I am really tired so OFF 2 SLP 😀

  2. […] Malta for a while and I had spent the day with them, and when I visited Prague in September we had met up as well. Now she is actually going to go to Malta on HER IAESTE internship…the more I see the […]

  3. […] pancake stuff the day before. I hadn’t been too convinced that he would wake up to make me pancakes in bed as last year, after the night out the day before . Happily he did! Woohoo…and mmmm! […]

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