Posted by: annmucc | September 13, 2008

Goodbye Prague…Hello London

First day in London. At the hostel where I will be spending the night. During the day went round London with MCA’s cousin and MCA, and also went to see where my residence will be…quite a posh area I must say.

The place looks good up to now.


Take care all of you



  1. Nahseb 1st day in London 😛

  2. eh was going to point it out hehe 🙂 ma jimpurtax, nahfrulek 🙂 posh area eh?! good i hope i manage to save enough money to come visit some time next year 🙂 aw i want to come just because its a posh area ta :p ara tahseb li kiku kont ha nithajjar :p x

  3. photos photos photos!

  4. @Cec: 😛 – what did you say? O: )

    @ Mari: All I had was 15mins yesterday online, so thank God I thought about you all and updated :P…Can’t wait to have people visit!

    @ Mina: hmmm…it might be a bit difficult, since I didn’t get a camera with me…anyone willing to sponsor me a camera? 😛

  5. no camera? 😦
    how do you live without one!?
    Almost as important as food.

  6. @ Mina: now I have my mobile camera, as you can see from today’s post 😀

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