Posted by: annmucc | September 14, 2008

Hello Residence

Yesterday was a hectic day with arriving in London and really seeing the city for the first time. It was good that MCA’s cousin, who has been here for a few weeks now, was up to keeping us company. We walked a lot but also saw a lot…got to see Tower Bridge yesterday. In the afternoon then I went to the hostel where luckily I found a bed, dumped my stuff there, and MCA and I went on a walk around the area, seeing Kensington Park, and also going to look for my residence, which I entered today. The area of the residence is really posh…I must say I was impressed by the area, so was looking forward to today.

This morning, MCA met up with me at a nearby underground station with the rest of my luggage, and we made our way through Kensington park and to my new residence. It was scary, giddy, frightening, exciting experience seeing where I would probably be staying for the next few week, months, (years?). The place inside does not look as posh as the outside, but when I got to my room I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting an extremely tiny room, but there’s quite a bit of space (though nowhere like what I am used to of course 😛 ), but anyways enough space for someone to visit…so what are you all waiting for? The downside of the place is that it overlooks an underground line, so there is a bit of noise sometimes, but I have been told the undergrouns stops at midnight, so that should be OK.

Following entering my room and starting with the unpacking, we then decided that the next thing to see was where I will be studying. THus, we made our way on foot through Kensington park, on to Hyde park, through Oxford Street, and soon there we were…my university place 🙂 . Though I was dead tired by then (around a 1.5hr trek), it was good to finally see the place! However by then we were very tired, so we rested in a garden, till we made plans with MCA’s cousin, with whom we went to see Buckingham palace and Big Ben. Now I think I have seen most of the big sites from outside, so what is next is to see the museums and palces from inside…but one has to start slowly.

This evening then there was a welcome meeting where I met the people who arrived this week. It was good to talk to some people who are in the same situation, though some have been here for 1-3 years.

Anyways, by now I ma dead tired. Just got out of the shower so nice and clean, and on to bed.

What’s up with you now? Do keep me informed!




  1. Yeah

    as long as you have a place for me I’m happy!! :D…now just nbook the flights and there I come 😛

  2. It must be such an exciting experience 🙂

    There are so many interesting places to visit in London! And there is so much going’ll always find something to do or somewhere to visit 🙂 That’s what I really like about London!

    Good Luck! 🙂

  3. as soon as i get some kind of lousy job, i’ll start saving some monies for a trip to the uk 😉 nothing is up with me, as you already know 😀 just waiting waiting waiting *sigh* xx

  4. @ Cec and Mari…Can’t wait to have you here 😀

    @Krystle: you’re right…so much is going on! But right now I am trying to stick to the basics and find my way around…haven’t not found something to do 🙂

  5. the walking will do you good

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