Posted by: annmucc | September 16, 2008

Hello UCL…

Today was my first meeting with my supervisor. I have been looking forward to meeting him for quite some time, even before I applied for this PhD, since I came across his work during my bachelor work, and after the telephone interview we had I was even more excited, since I really enjoyed the talk we had – I felt like he was someone with whom I could discuss my work, rather than him telling me what to do, or him simply having no idea of what I am doing and couldn’t care less about my work.

I arrived quite early, so went round the block, bought a notebook, and went to wait where we were to meet (outside the faculty). At 9am (which was when we were supposed to meet) I entered the building and asked if he was there…he will be there in 5 minutes I was told. Those 5 minutes however appeared like the longest time ever! I hadn’t been anxious about the meeting, but during this time I certainly was!

He was really nice when we met, and took me off to get a coffee outside of the building. There, we discussed a bit about the project, how he sees it etc etc. He sounds extremely interested in the project and excited about it (and said so a couple of times :P) which is great! It is always good to have an interested supervisor, since like that youhave someone to talk to and who is willing to listen, so I was very happy about that (and was what I had been told by others who knew my supervisor before).

Coffee over…visit to the offices…The head of the centre is Maltese, and was one of the two persons who had done my interview here in Malta. During that time she appeared quite cold and aloof, and that was what I expected today…but nooooo….today I gt a very hearty welcome, with hugs and enthusiasm through the roof! I was very glad about that, since I was quite iffy about her after the interview…feel much better now 🙂 .

OUr visits took us around a couple of blocks to see the labs, my office, supervisor’s office, and other important offices. I wanted to make a good impression so went in heals, but my had I been wrong about that! My feet were killing me (I hadn’t worn heels in probably 2 months or so), but I still had to keep up with my supervisor who was dashing around. After a lot of dashing, we stopped in my office (Yes…I have an office :D, or rather a desk in an office :|) to discuss what I will be doing in the next few weeks (he will be abroad for most it seems, but we can keep in contact via other methods such as skype). Meeting over.

Off to lunch I went to the UCL refectory, where yesterday my friend Adrian had introduced me to quite cheap (by London standards) decent food and had a sandwich. From there I went on to the London Business School, were a few weeks ago I had signed up for a Behavioural research study (and get £10 :P). That went quite well, and on to home it was, where I took off my shoes with a big sigh of relief, and caught up on emails.

Afternoon saw me treking around to try to buy a mobile card…but after deciding on what I wanted, I was told i couldn’t get it today as their top up machine is out of order! Oh well…it will have to be tomorrow. Then it was on to the supermarket, where I bough some stuff I needed, and back home, where I went for lunch. As yesterday I had more than enough money, but today I was wiser and bought a sandwich for tomorrow :).

Now I am in my room, after having just arranged some more stuff around (trying to keep it clean you know ;)) and on to read and bed…I’m dead tired by now!

Hope you’re all fine!




  1. It’s great to hear that you will be working with enthusiastic people.

  2. @MCA: 🙂

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