Posted by: annmucc | September 16, 2008

In Great Need of Photos!

Hi blogger friends!

I am going to turn to you all for some help…

So…for my PhD work I will be working on colour photographs, so I need to collect as many of these as possible. So, if you could all check on the photos you have, and could turn over to me any photos you have which you don’t need (even if out of focus, or with a finger in the middle, or totally missing the subject) I would really appreciate it 🙂

If you do have any, just leave me a message here and I will contact you myself to see how I can get them then!



  1. hey there 🙂 issa i’ll send you my modelling photos ta (jking of course, since i don’t have any!) 😀 i found about 6 pics which i can send you, not much i’m afraid but i asked mum to tell my aunties etc though i have a feeling she forgot about it already hehe. anyways, i sent your email to some of my contacts but since you probably sent the email to 97% of my friends, i think it was rather useless, imma msomma, i tried ux 😉 xx

  2. @Mari: Will accept your modelling photos too 😛 If your mum forgot, remind her again :P. And thanks for forwarding it 🙂

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