Posted by: annmucc | September 17, 2008

Welcome to…UCL!

Today was my first official day at the university, since today was the start of the International Student Orientation Programme. Yesterday my new supervisor alerted me to the fact that buses are much much cheaper than the underground, and since there are direct buses from my palce to the unviersity (actually get me a few metres closer than the underground :P) I decided to try it out. The morning trip was not bad at all, taking around 40mins (yeah, yeah, its quite a lot, but decent length compared to the much pricier and busy underground). Like this I also can get the time to collect my thoughts, read and write whatever I feel up to.

At UCL I met up with Adrian (another Maltese who will be studying at UCL, and who had taken me around on Monday), and he introduced me to some others. After collecting our pack, we were ‘herded’ to the hall where the welcome activity was to be held. It was impressive to be told about previous students at UCL, including Mahatma Ghandi! We were also told the usual stuff about being the global leaders for the next years etc etc, but it was good to hear it none the less XD.

From there, we went on a campus tour. This was good as we got to know about the places we need to know about, such as the doctor’s clinic, IT services, UCL union and other stuff. Campus tour over, and Adrian and I went off to buy a mobile. Other friends from Malta had gotten a skypephone, which is a normal phone on which you can use skype for free, while having the same prices as a normal non-skype phone. Costing £35 each (since we bought 2), I thought it was a good deal, since like this I can keep one mobile with my Maltese sim and another with my UK sim.

From there, we went on to an HSBC bank for Adrian to open an account there. I had managed to do it quite easily last Monday at my branch, but the branches we went to on Oxford Street all gave us problems, so we went on to the branch where I went to, on High Street Kensington, and they were undoubtedly MUCH more helpful…so that’s on track.

Then on home for me, where I changed and got ready for this evenings Welcome Party in Gordon’s Square, with free flowing wine 😉 and some snacks. The snacks were not the best in the world, though they looked extremely sophisticated (maybe that was the problem…that I don’t know how to appreciate them :P), but the wine was certainly free flowing, with the waiters constantly coming up to us to ask to refill our glasses!

By the end however, I was tired, so I went to get a bus home. All was well so far…however, half-way through the ride, the bus driver told us: this is the last stop…get off!!! I was like…what???? Oh well…had to get off…but I had no money in my oyster card (which you use for cheap travel here) and nowhere to top it up + no coins to buy a ticket! So I made my way to the Hilton hotel to get change, with which I can buy a ticket (more than double the one with an Oyster card!) to get home. Oh well, at last I arrived.

At home I found the packed lunch I had ordered in the morning (since I knew I would not be back in time for dinner) waiting. The food was good, and I have a banana and yoghurt left over for some other time 🙂

Then I got to bed to sleep (but you’re awake…you will say!)…Oh well..a few minutes after I got into bed, the head of student services came knocking on my door! She wanted to check the expiry of my antivirus since they want to make sure we have one…BUUUH to them…mine seems to expire in 29 days…let’s see how it will work out!

Now I hope to really be off to bed!

Can’t wait to get a good night’s rest!




  1. what a lot of fun sounding adventures!!

  2. @ Mina: It’s good so far I must say…but soon I must start the real work…

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