Posted by: annmucc | September 19, 2008

Enrolling, Registering and What Not

Officially a UCL student :). Have now enrolled and obtained my ID card (though with an OHHH so awful photograph on it, which I probably have to see for the next 3 years and cringe). This involved a long never-ending queue. However, it was a good time as you get to talk with the people around you, making friends and contacts…Yesterday I met up with 2 Greeks (which I had also met one of them the day before at the Welcome address), a Polish girl, an Indian, a South African, an Italian and a Canadian two Syrians, a Romanian and numerous others from the day before, including more Indians, a girl from the Philippines and a Malaysian.

Being with people from all these countries leads to some interesting conversations as people ask about the different cultures and try to explore the different ways of thinking. The most interesting discussion I was involved in was probably one between me and the other Maltese, the Malaysian girl and an Indian girl (both studying laws). There we touched on areas such as foreign policies in the different countries, how companies work in the different companies, and what draws companies to the countries. I must admit I was a bit out of my depth, seeing as my knowledge of political and legal affairs is not all that up-to-date…but this is the only way to learn.

Following enrollment, it was a rollercoaster of running to get the IT passwords, on to registering at IT, and a tour of the science library. We also got a talk about ‘Studying Successfully at UCL’. I must say the lecturers/professors here so far sure know how to entertain!

Back home, I had dinner, watched my sister and friends who were taking part in the Kanzunetta Indipendenza via on-line streaming, and had another easy night…Must say CONGRATULATIONS to Dorothy, Chris and Cecilia (and Sean I think I was told the name was of the guy I don’t know), for coming second 🙂 .



  1. What fun! It all sounds soooo exciting 😀 yeyey

  2. It’s great to hear you’re settling down..with all the things to be done when enrolling and registering at uni!

    What a coincidence..You mentioned Chris in your post..and he’s a friend of mine..we were at uni together for the past years:) Malta is small! lol

  3. It’s great to hear you are making a lot of friends. And congrats on being an official UCL’er 🙂

  4. Bdw Ann..>Sean is right…there was also Alexia playing…and obviously Chan (Composer) and Alexia (Author) 😀


  5. @ Krystle: Hehe…yeah Malta is small :). So far so good, but the real work has not started yet…
    @ MCA: 🙂 – I will not forget you though don’t worry 😉
    @Cec: OK, OK…I was seeing it on a crappy online streaming thing, with the video hiccuping every few seconds…

  6. […] This song was the one my sister played in, together with a number of others, when Dorothy was participating in the Festival Kanzunetta Indipendenza. […]

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