Posted by: annmucc | September 19, 2008

The Art of Gift Acceptance…

Has anyone ever been given a gift that they really think was not the best idea? Has anyone ever wanted to throw something away, but didn’t have the drive to do it due to some sentimental value? THAT’S the situation I fele I am in right now…

MCA gave me a bouquet of lilies…ohhhh so gorgeous and sweet-looking! But for some reason, I really cannot stand the smell…or to put it in plain English…I think they STINK! But I so don’t want to throw them away…so I placed them between the two windows I have (there’s a small around 10cm gap)…yes, freezing themselves to death O:). Today was the cleaner’s day to come and clean my room…and she left the inner window open, so guess what? My room stinks of these lilies. But they are ohh so pretty…I cannot bear to throw them away…

Isolated Stinking Lilies

Isolated Stinking Lilies

Also, is it just me, or do other people think that lilies stink?

Well, whatever it is, if it is just me or not, it was a very thoughtful gesture, and I so like receiving flowers, since I rarely used to, and now MCA seems to spoil me with them every time he comes visit :)…He’s sweet 😀



  1. Very very grateful of you I see 😛

  2. 🙂 i can’t recall what lilies smell like so i can’t really agree or disagree with you 🙂 i’m not a fan of strong odours either :p anyway at least you’re getting flowers :p the only flowers i ever got was 1 measly rose from work cos they had extra ones and all the ladies working on that particular night got one 🙂 so i suggest you leave them in that 10cm space and appreciate them :p x

  3. @ Cec: I try to be O: )
    @Marilyn: Hehe…they are in the 10cm space where I can appreciate them

  4. how direct and honest you are… XD
    If they really do stink that bad why don’t you spray them with deodorant and then squash them between two pages of a book to then frame them so that they’d be ‘eternal’? 😛

  5. @Mina: What a great idea! I might do it…need to learn more about preserving flowers though…

  6. hehehe liked this post! A very nice gesture indeed by MCA – i had lilies for my wedding and they didn’t smell bad at all hehehe maybe mine had some kind of perfume or they might have been different to the ones you got 🙂

  7. @ Renette: I think it is probably just me who finds that they stink…really don’t know why! Its not really a stink, but an overwhelming smell that I cannot stand as it gives me a headache. MCA had no problame with the flowers…I must be some kind of freak :/

  8. I hope that Red would watch and learn LOL He has only given me flowers once I think 😦 and I love flowers.

  9. You are getting paper or plastic next time Ann 😛

  10. @ Wen: I should post a link to this to Red then 😛 I like receiving flowers too!
    @MCA: sure 😉 I loved the wood ones (I just need to get them to London now!) so why shouldn’t I like paper…not sure about plastic though…in that case don’t waste your money pws 🙂

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