Posted by: annmucc | September 20, 2008

Life in London Starts Rolling By…

Yesterday was the last day of the orientation programme for International Students. I am quite pleased I made it here in time for it as it has been a good experience. It has helped me ease into the university life, getting to know the place and the people around. Also, all being international students, and so mostly being in the same boat, making friends was maybe easier, especially to get invitations to go somewhere or do something with others (or to invite someone to something you’re going to).

One of the activities organised here is what they call ‘Give it a Go’, where someone from the Student Union organises an activity which you can ‘give it a go’ if you want to, from sightseeing trips, to nights or days out, to whatever. One of the activities organised was a Pub quiz…and I so wanted to go :)…we made it! and came joint second πŸ˜€ It was me, Grant (from South Africa), Zoe (American) and Henning (German) (& Stephen from Malta :P) in our team…probably the smallest team so we did well…

Today was my first day with nothing officially planned…I was a bit afraid of the weekend, since it could be the time where you start feeling lonely the most as you do not have the ongoings of university. So, in the morning, I walked over to South Kensington and made a flighting visit to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, to get a brief idea of what they are about for my next visit.

As I arrived back in my residence, I received a text from Katarina, asking if I wanted to go sightseeing with them…sure…so back out I went, on to the bus, and on to UCL where we were to meet…Katarina, Grant and Cristian (from Romania) and me :). We went to Soho-China Town-Trafalgar Square-Big Ben and then on to Covent Garden. A good day of walking, but a good trip nonetheless. Unlike on other trips, where you are in a rush to see everything, here I have 3 years, so I can take everything easy and enjoy the company and the place…a revelation to me πŸ˜›

Big Ben

Big Ben

Installation at Covent Garden...Seven Deadly Sins

Installation at Covent Garden...Seven Deadly Sins

All today was a good experience…China Town was different from what I have experienced before, with the shops and decorations…walking around you see everything so well organised…Covent Garden with its creativity is well worth visiting again and again.

While we were returning home, I got a skype message from MCA…he was online :)…woohooo! but I couldn’t type and walk 😦 so had to wait till I got on the bus, where I could text safely, and then home…being busy, I don’t have much time to think about other things, but when we do talk, it does feel like this is what I have been missing, even if I do not realise it…can’t wait to be settled and get back to decent amount of talking, rather than sporadic timings.

Off to bed now for a good rest to be ready for tomorrow πŸ˜€




  1. *lonely! you are so lonely, you have nobody you’re on your own ooooowwwn!*
    =D <—- mean grin
    “don’t slap me please!!”:P
    sighsteeing sounds like fun though! you definetley won’t be missing anything in 3 years except for maybe a few kilos with all that walking you’re doing…
    I’m surprised I don’t think you mentioned food!
    Joined any sports? πŸ™‚

  2. @ Mina: EVIL EVIL GIRL! you’re just saying that cos I am on the opposite side of the continent! πŸ˜› A few kilos would be fine you know πŸ™‚ And just in case, today had a lamb spring roll from a South African supermarket which was great :D. Fresher’s fayre, where we get to know and register for the different student organisations…so we’ll see πŸ˜€

  3. poor babe πŸ™‚ issa you’ll soon stop feeling lonely once you start uni cos you’ll be spending your lonely time researching and reading books and papers :p i start work tomorrow AAAAAAA and still haven’t figured out the MBA change of course thing πŸ˜€ lolz x hassle πŸ™‚

    Mark is our new coordinator btw, and we might be recruiting a couple of new members, though there are no pending applications so issa naraw πŸ™‚ and jimmy is staying as our guide, for now but we’re looking for an alternative guide, s/he will start coming to meetings u hekk but we don’t have anyone in mind at the mo πŸ™‚ we were trying to change the day on which we hold our meetings but again, we couldn’t get anywhere cos we all have too many commitments with work, training, lectures and part time jobs but we’ll give it a go next sat: mark will prepare an excel sheet with possible times u issa naraw biex nohorgu πŸ˜‰

    big hug from the very temporary self appointed fuente secretary πŸ™‚ xxxxx

  4. @ Marilyn: Thanks for update. Not feeling lonely so far…too much to do I guess! GL for the new guide πŸ™‚

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