Posted by: annmucc | September 21, 2008

Science Museum

Just about a ten minute walk from where I am staying, there is the Science Museum…yesterday I went on my own for a quick look around, but today I returned with Katarina and Cristian, and two of Katarina’s friends from Poland, Sylvia and Casper. The first thing that hit me was that as we walked into the museum, Cristian took Katarina’s hand, and pulled her towards an exhibit…oh well…maybe he wanted to show it to her quite enthusiastically…however, after that, he put his arm around her for a while…and then took her hand again…Ohhh…I smell something fishy now…and remembering yesterday Cristian bought a necklace for Katarina at Covent garden…something was definitely on :)…asked Sylvia…they are kind of together since I left them yesterday evening after Covent Garden…so it was me and two couples…whoopee-di-do! But at least Sylvia and Casper didn’t act all couply and included me with them, so it was fine 😀

The science museum was great…different exhibits arranged in different ways rather than in similar cabinets one after the other…also had a lot of interactive areas…exactly what a museum should be…One of my work desirement right now is to work in a museum sometime in my life so its good to look around and get ideas 😛

New Experiences

Today I did my first load of washing :D:D. In the morning i went to the supermarket to buy some washing liquid, since I was finding that I was reaching the end of my clean clothes…managed to start the wash, and it came out…nice and clean….smells quite nice actually :D:D So I’m a happy girl, with clean clothes ;). Didn’t put the clothes into the drier, since they were already quite dry and the weather was quite nice, so I hung them around my room…half of them are already totally dry, so it was a good decision (rather than paying for using the dryer!).

Ooo-ooo-OOOHH…guess what I ate today? no prize to whoever guesses 😛 Of course it was pasta, which I bough this morning at the supermarket…my first time cooking here as well :D…doing good you see 😀 (and yes Mina…I satusfued your desire for me to write something about food in every post :P)

PS…I took some photos today using my phone, but today I cannot seem to be able to download them, though yesterday I managed just fine…Oh well…will try tomorrow again.




  1. Oh yey I’m mentioned!
    I’m really honoured honestly…
    and i love the sound of the science museum… I had been to one in Boston which was basically an interactive science playground, amazing! I really enjoy those kind of things XD like a 10 year old!

  2. Well it seems that u went to London and took the good weather with u 😦

    Although monrings it seems to be fine here…every night we are having…RAIN!!! hehe

    insomma…me off 2 bed 😀

  3. @ Mina: 😉
    @Cec: I was already sleeping by then probably :P…It hasn’t rained here yet, but today doesn’t look the most promising, so we’ll see!

  4. Thank your lucky stars you have a washing machine which works! I have to trek along to other residences to wash my clothes, so it’s always quite the feat. A science museum so close to where you’re staying? That’s awesome!

  5. @Luisa: Hehe..the washing machine works just fine 😀 And its quite big! I put in all my clothes, and I still only filled half! So maybe next time I will share it with someone. And yes…it’s cool to have the place so close 😀

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