Posted by: annmucc | September 23, 2008

And my Studies Commence…

After an enjoyable weekend, at last I started doing some research for stuff for my PhD project. Yesterday I started checking out a bit of what stock modelling is all about and also a bit of visual basic for applications? (VBA) (hmmm, you are probably saying, isn’t she a chemistry and biology student and now doing sustainable heritage, so what do these have to do with that?)…Well, my supervisor told me that I should check them out since I will need this knowledge in some aspects of my research. Oh well…we will try. I THINK I got a bit of the hang of what stock modelling is all about…but VBA I am still a bit doubtful O:). We will see how it goes.

Yesterday evening and today I was then looking up stuff about colour photographs, the history, how it developed, and basic information, since of course this is very relevant to what I want to do. I think I am getting the basic consepts involved in it…tomorrow I will continue on what I did today, getting one aspect and trying to start going a bit more in depth.

Yesterday I had asked MCA to suggest me some software programmes I could use to organise my thougths…I had actually asked him for something with cards and stuff, which is what he mainly provided me with, but he also sent me this programme called FreeMind -Mind Map, which I actually found works very well for me, especially to set out the basic thoughts in an ordered way, so when I need to I can just look at them and remember what the basic principles were…so here is a summary of what I have done so far 😀

Colour Photographs Mind Map

Colour Photographs Mind Map

This evening one of the girls organised a ‘spaghettata’ here at the residence…woohooo! I got some spaghetti at last :D. And it was good to at last meet some of the girls and socialise a bit 🙂



  1. how cool never knew thought organisers existed. with all the links how sweet…

  2. @ Mina: I didn’t either, but spending time with a lot of IT people I am realising that there is practically everything you might want out there somewhere if you just know how to look for it…so I just asked…its free to download if you ever want it 😛

  3. those organizers look v complicated, but necessary I guess :p

    Should start thinking of using some in the future!

    Enjoy the pasta :p remember to try black pudding AND fish and chips, JUST IN CASE you haven’t tried them there :p

  4. @ John: actually it is not complicated at all to use them! I didn’t have to use them…I am using it cos i wanted to…however it is an easy way to see the links of stuff, and to have somewhere where you can easily find the basic ideas. Hopefully it will not get too overcrowded, as I think it is getting now! Hehe…already tried fish and chips, but ot sure about trying Black pudding 😛 maybe sometime!

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