Posted by: annmucc | September 24, 2008

At Last…December Plans

My plans for December had been looming over my head for ages…I cannot make up my mind generally to decide to do something, and this December I had to make plans for going down for my graduation in the beginning (if I was going to go down for that), and also what my plans were going to be for Christmas…would I go down again after I had been ther just a week before knowing that the flights would be very expensive? Would I get my family to come up? Or should I just skip Christmas in Malta all together this year, and do a big visit when I go down for graduation, when its cheaper, and maybe not as frenetic?

Today MCA asked me what I would be doing around Christmas, since he said he would like that we spent New Year’s together so wanted to know where he could come to meet me. Looking through flights however I saw that while the flights to Malta are very expensive, flights to Denmark are very cheap…so why don’t I go to Denmark? And I think that is what I will do 🙂

Today I bought flights to Malta in the beginning of December for my graduation at around 44GBP, and I can find tickets for Christmas and New Years in Denmark for around the same price…I will not be spending it with my family (though maybe we can spend next year’s there? O: )) but I will be spending it with what may become another part of my family, adn a gorup of people who have so far received me so well…so I think that will make up for it, and help me save money for now, and to be able to have my family over in London at a later time when we can enjoy each other but not stress about the expense.

So that’s my plans for December 🙂

Hope all will work out!


  1. YIOPPIE!!! she’s only coming to malta onjce…and I get to have Cmas to myself :P:P…Unless I decide to barge in on the holiday inD enmark…C A’s of Denmark beware!

  2. @ Cec: you will get me for more than a week though 😛

  3. 😀 Very much looking forward to showing you Christmas – Danish style.

  4. @ MCA: as far as I know a Christmas Scandinavian/Danish style = white Christmas…so THAT’s what I am expecting…expect to have to deliver on this one!

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