Posted by: annmucc | September 26, 2008

End of my First Week as a Researching Research Student :P

Today marks the end of my first week actually doing some work at UCL. It has been a week of ups and down, with some of the time being really up to the research and really concentrating on what I am doing, and other times where I just didn’t feel like doing anything. So far however I think I have gotten the basics of photography and colour photography down and hopefully I can soon move on to other areas such as degradation of photography…actually I have already started looking up a bit about this but haven’t really managed to find much…hope I’m more successful next week…Also, next weke my supervisor returns from his conference abroad, so I hope we get to talk a bit to see how I’m doing and what he’s expecting now that I know a bit about how it’s working out.

THis is what I have done since last time…(besides revisiting a lot of the material again to make sure I have got the basics down well!):

What I can tangibly show for the past week...

What I can tangibly show for the past week...


1 down…How many to go? at least 52×3= 156 I guess…Slowly but surely I hope to get there 😀



  1. not really:

    maybe (52×3)-1 :D:D

  2. @ Cec: hehe…not sure if I will have to do that extra week though 😛

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