Posted by: annmucc | September 28, 2008

Museums and Parks…Oh what Wonderful Weather

At the beginning of my time in London, I was happy searching for free activities which I thought I would like to take part in, and one of the activities I came across was an Open Rehearsal at the British Library Sound Archive. Of course, it being something with archives and libraries, and also with sound, I was quite interested, and put it down in my calendar. So this morning saw me going off to this activity with Ruth (and quite early, both due to time miscalculation, time errors, and because I wanted to be sure I got in 😛 ).

We had the opportunity to hear about the work of the sound archive, were they receive loads of sound information, either by buying it or by donation, or form field trips they carry out. They also try to convert the sound information to a digital format into formats which are more durable. They explained to us about their work and showed us around the place, giving us examples of the ongoing work and projects. Glad I had written it down 😀 .

From there we walked on to the British Museum. We were a bit tired by now, so we just had a very quick look around the ground floor, bought a hotdogfrom the stand outside (A) (I deserve a treat every so often don’t I), and we started making our way home.

It being a very nice day, and Ruth never having walked it from this part of town to our residence, we decided to take the opportunity and walk it home. Everyone complains about the British weather, but I must say it has been quite nice so far (cross fingers that it remains like this! It feels like I am on holiday 😀 ). We made our way down Oxford Street, entering a few shops (though buying nothing), then on to Hyde Park, wehre we rested a bit next to the Serpentine Lake, and then on to Kensington Park and home. Quite a long walk, but in the fine weather, and not being pressed for time, it was an excellent way to spend some relaxing time.

Back home it was then on to cooking spaghetti and sharing a meal…my first meal I cooked and shared here 🙂 . Hope we will share more, rather than having to eat on my own!




  1. Hi Ann!
    I’m so glad you’re having such a good time but I’m curious … how long is the walk from ‘that part of town’ to your residence? And how good is the weather, here its really cold 😦
    Yummy spaghetti!


  2. Hey Ann!

    On holiday “ta’ veru” qisek :p Hope the weather stays fine there, though to be honest I shoulnd’t be too optimistic as I’m sure you’ll be disappointed as autumn wears on :p

  3. @ Luisa: the walk is around 1hr 30mins ;). Here the weather was not cold up to the weekend…now it is similar to I think December in Malta

    @ John: hehe…rain started today 😉

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