Posted by: annmucc | September 30, 2008

And Winter Begins…

What I have been expecting since the first day I arrived here, and what everyone has been asking me about, finally arrived…(drum roll plsssssss)…the RAIN…so we got a drizzling rain throughout most of the day. It’s Ok as long as you’re inside 🙂 (which I was most of the time)…also, unlike the Maltese rains, where you get a torrent at one go, here it ust pitter-patters, drizzle-drizzles…You don’t get so wet at one go, but that also means it goes on for longer and, gets on your nerves? We’ll see!



  1. Haha at least…it does not only rain here :D:D:D


  2. @ Cec: it rains everywhere, but luckily it hasn’t rained all that much ehre as yet…however it is starting to get quite cold…

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