Posted by: annmucc | October 3, 2008

Visit to the National Archives…British Library

My studies are a collaboration between UCL and the National Archives (TNA) here in London. However, as yet I had not met my supervisor from the TNA. So yesterday afternoon my UCL supervisor and I made our way to Kew where the TNA is located.

WOW! – what a gorgeous area…as my supervisor said, you get the feeling of the Botanical Gardens in which the TNA is located as soon as you get off the tube…GORGEOUS…THIS is where I want to live…(but when will I have the money? That’s the question :P).

Well…at last I have found out where the other part of my project will be located, to talk to my supervisors there, and see what is available. Luckily it seems that at the TNA there is someone who is very enthusiastic about photography, so hopefully he could be able to help in photo identification and other such stuff… 😉 wasn’t really looking forward to that.

Today I then visited the British Library as part of the first course I took for my skills development programme (I need to take the equivalent of 10 days a year). I had already visited the Conservation centre but I hadn’t been taken around the library itself (or really having the different areas pointed out). It was also good to meet other PhD students at UCL who although all doing different stuff, a couple of the people are also working on similar things as I am, or at least on related things, with whom it may be good to understand their projects better, even though they are in a different department.

And the upside of this trip…I am now a Registered Reader at the British Library 😀



  1. How posh sounding – registered reader 😛

  2. @Mina: It does, doesn’t it? 😛

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