Posted by: annmucc | October 4, 2008

And the Band Marches On…

This morning Ruth and I went to the library to exchange some books we had. While we were going round in there all of a sudden out of the window I saw these (I would think they were from the French period if they were in Malta, but here I am not sure what to call them…) soldiers…Oh no…so it’s not only Malta which does re-enactments?

Books chosen and out onto the street…we see people waving these small plastic British flags and we hear a band. What is going on? Apparently it was some kind of celebration of the freeing of Kensington and Chelsea…not sure from whom or what or why…but it was some kind of parade. Of course, being me, I wanted one of those British flags…and got one 🙂 . It wasn’t that all these people had come onto the streets with their flags, but there was a lady distributing them…now I have a flag to decorate my room with…when will I get a Maltese one?

In the parade we got the (what I am calling) French re-enactment soldiers, a brass band (with funny looking hats) and some people from the army…It put a smile on my face, and joy into my heart 😀


  1. YEY flag!

  2. @ Mina: you echo my thoughts 😉 someone agrees with me – wooohooo!

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