Posted by: annmucc | October 5, 2008

London…Three Weeks On

I have now been in London nearly one month…you have heard about what I have bene doing, but what do I really think of it?

London Transport

I must admit that I think that this is not the best transport system in the world. First of all the prices are quite high, so one would expect a good timely service. However, since the time I’ve been here I’ve been dropped off in the middle of nowhere because of some fault somewhere down the line, with no help whatsoever about how to get to where I want to go more than once. Also, the traffic volume is so high and there are so many traffic lights, that you tend to spend more time stopping at traffic lights than moving in certain streets such as Oxford street which I need to go through every day to get to my university from where I live. So why don’t you take the underground you may ask? Well..the underground is hot, cramped and you get to see none of the city. It also only takes maybe 10mins less than the bus (and is nearly double the price!). So i find the bus a better deal, also because on the bus I can write or read, which is not really so easy to do on the underground due to the number of people there.

Coming from my visit to Prague and my experiences in Germany, I was expecting similar levels of efficiency in the public transport, where you are told the exact time when the bus/underground should arrive and – miracle of miracles – it ACTUALLY gets there on time…Must say I was disappointed. Not to sure why the Maltese complain about the Maltese system anymore…

London Weather

So far so good. Have had I think more than my fair share of good weather, where I barely saw any rain for the first two weeks or so. However, the col is now setting in, as is the rain. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to bad, especially since I hope to buy a bike to save on travel expense, but not sure how it would be cycling in the rain. I cannot complain much though so far.

Little Girls in London

I have been amazed! I was expecting the little girls in London, especially in somewhere posh like Kensington, to be wearing the latest in fashion, similar to little adults as the trend seems to be in Malta. However, from what I can see so far, most of the little girls here are dressed just like that: little girls…with pretty dresses and clips in their hair and not too much fuss about wearing the latests styles in a mini-format. This is something which I have seen elsewhere in Europe, such as in Denmark, and I must say I am not too against it. I cannot understand why in Malta the parents insist on dressing their kids like mini-adults. They are kids so why don’t they dress as such?

My London Accomodation

I must say I am growing to like it. Although it is a bit far from university (or so I am told by most people here, but I must say I don’t feel like it is all that bad, being around 40min-1hr away from university, depending on the time…in Malta at 8am it used to take me 1hr to drive to university from home!). However, otherwise I must say I ma quite happy. The food we get is decent, although a bit expensive if I didn’t have an allowance because I live here (wouldn’t buy from here otherwise). Also, the area is quite safe, such that I feel no problem with going out for a walk at night with the other Maltese girl. The room I have is also decently big, and the palce is clean. The only downside I am feeling is that it is not that easy to have people stay over, with girls having to pay and me having to advice beforehand, and guys not able to stay here at all. The residence is going to move over to the university from the nuns’ hands in January, so I am hoping that this is changed O: )

Not sure what else I should write about…anything you want to know about? Leave me a comment and I will try to get down to writing about it in a post soon 🙂




  1. London art exhibitons, live installations, street acts, cultural tjings

  2. @Mina: hmm – haven’t seen much of that…but will try to see what I can do

  3. What about the Brits, the tourists, the smog, the currency, Big City Living for an islander, the crowds, insulation and central heating? We want to hear it all 🙂

  4. The residence is going to move over to the university from the nuns’ hands in January, so I am hoping that this is changed…

    I HOPE SO TOO dear Ann dear Ann dear Ann

    Insomma me off 2 handball YIPPIE

  5. The change of temperature from outside (cold) to inside (very warm) – soo different to Malta! =)

  6. @MCA: OK, OK…I will try to tackle those next time I decide to write an update to this post.

    @Cec: I hope so too, but don’t know yet what will happen.

    @Ruthie: hehe YES!

  7. […] about my relationship with public transport in London before: And WHO is complaining now? and London…Three Weeks On. Well, as time has gone by, my love for London transport has not increased. I marginally rank buses […]

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