Posted by: annmucc | October 7, 2008

My day today…

Was going to name this post a Day in the Life Of…(a’ la Xarabank or something cheesy like that), but I stopped myself with “Hey, but is anything typical right now?” I guess not. Every day is so different from the next, that you will have to wait if you want one of those 🙂

Today I reading up on colour photographs, degradation, and how one can study them. After a disastrous day yesterday, where I came home early and couldn’t seem to find anything, today happily enough I managed to get myself through and past the deadlock and started finding more of the material I was looking for. That was a blessing because I was not sure how to go on with it otherwise.

Last week I also had received an e-mail about volunteering opportunities with the UCL Special Collections department (which houses the rare/old books and manuscripts UCL have in their possession). Of course, I was interested, particularly since I feel that I need to have some experience working in a library/museum/archive environment. So today I went along for the ‘interview’, to be shown around the place, and to talk a bit to the preservation librarian there. I said i will be working there 2hrs every other week (minimum time they allow somoene to volunteer is 1hr/week, and I said I prefer to come in 2hrs/fortnight rather than cming in for just one hour and disrupting my work progress, and wasting more time settling in and leaving than actually getting some work done). So I start next Friday 2-4pm. Let’s hope it goes well 😉


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