Posted by: annmucc | October 8, 2008

Welcome Party

Today there was the Welcome Party at the residence…a few nibbles and some drinks. Of course I went along to get to meet other people. Actually, I was quite surprised that it seems like not everyone came. I was expecting people to come. Must be different people different ideas.

Anyways, after having soemthing to eat and drinking some very bad wine (even I could not drink it!). We got a short ‘speech’, and one girl played the violin and the other (who is a soprano) sung a song.

But I think the most important thing I learnt today…visiting rules will not be relaxed in January…the manager of the place actually sounded very shocked when I asked. 😦 Sorry people!



  1. noffair!

  2. @Ruthie (and all): noffair Noffair NOFFAIR!

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