Posted by: annmucc | October 17, 2008

Shopping – Oh Horror!

I arrived in Prague Wednesday morning, after spending the night at Stansted airport. Luckily, MCA was on time, waiting for me at the airport

Luckily you are saying? Why shouldn’t he be there? – well…his track record on this so far has been nothing short of abyssmal :P).

Guess the first place on ‘our’ list of places to visit (or more MCA’s :P)…Yeah – shopping horror! – a trip to IKEA was planned, to go buy some sheets and duvets, since they still do not have any in their new apartment.

Shopping Horror you are asking? Why? Don’t you enjoy shopping? Emmmm….I am not ‘exactly’ your typical girl on this one…Rather than putting it a bit more harshly, let’s just say I am not the biggest fan of shopping.

MCA was speaking about the IKEA experience…WHAT IKEA experience? You may like it, but I definitely am not its biggest fan! Who wants to go around a bunch of showrooms, where you see stuff, but cannot get the item you see always…cos there are not all the supplies…So WHY would I want to have to first go around the showrooms, see what I like…REMEMBER what I liked, and then have to trudge down to the ‘store’ and have to look around AGAIN to find what I vaguely remebered I liked.

I must say I am not IKEA’s biggest fan…but do send me your ideas about this…I was tired after my trip, so I just might change my mind (you have to try very hard though)

The IKEA store we visited, in Cerny Most, Prague

The IKEA store we visited, in Cerny Most, Prague

Enjoy trying!



  1. I’m scared of the shopping monster, it scares me poopless.
    although I think shopping for furnishing would probably be much better than shopping for clothes.

  2. @ Mina: I used to think so too! but going round all those mini-showrooms was the worse I tell ya – the warehouse was then much better, where you could find all the similar stuff next to each other and could choose by comparing rather than running around and trying to remember – you know – I use my brain for other ‘more important’ stuff!

  3. […] up was IKEA yesterday morning. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘IKEA experience’. However, we wanted some new sheets and other bits and bobs so […]

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