Posted by: annmucc | October 19, 2008

Shopping – Oh Joy!

I am not the world’s biggest fan of shopping, that’s for sure, but I am not a completely lost case either.

There seems to be one kind of shopping I enjoy – these shops and stalls selling wooden things, particularly wooden Christmas stuff, in Prague.

As I was in Prague, I couldn’t miss going to one of these shops for some time in shopping fantasy world for me – an enjoyable shopping experience with MCA 🙂 (hmmm…hope he enjoyed it too – I was too engrossed in my bliss msot of the time…but he did find stuff to play with, so I guess he was also a happy boy :P). So on Friday morning, MCA and I walked into town from his place. This new place he is staying in is good because you can easily walk into town, rather than having to take a tram to go anywhere.

Our Destination? The Manufaktura shop next to old town square – a big shop of things made of wood, corn husks, and other ‘natural’ types of materials, selling traditional Czech gifts and toys. Ever since I saw one last year, I fell in love with the place O: ) and feel like a little kid who got an early Christmas present. I also managed to get some gifts, which I hope will make some people happy 😛 .

Well – that wasn’t all we did on Friday – we then walked to Cafe Louvre, which is where we had our first date, for a hot chocolate (for me) and a coffee (for him), then on to Zizkov tower, and home. Ahhh – and in the evening went out to eat at this palce close by, where I had a hilarious time hearing this Italian family on the next table joke around and laugh 🙂



  1. There was a few wodden toys to keep me busy for a while so it wasn’t too bad 😛 Although I am done with a shop like Manufaktura in 10 min or less.

  2. Hi there, thanks for your comment. I’m so happy to find another expat with a Danish man:) Nice to meet you, by the way. I hope you’ll keep checking my blog and I’m looking forward to hear about your first Danish Christmas.

    My first Danish Christmas was strange as Danes celebrate it on Dec. 24th, not 25th. There are many traditions that you can check out online.

  3. @ MCA: awww – I am sure we overstayed your 10min threshhold (and more) – thanks for the patience O: )
    @ Bluefish: I will surely keep visiting your blog. I have been told about the celebrating on the 24th – I thought only I found it strange – great to know others do too 😉

  4. hello darlingest 😀 just to prove i’m reading your blog 😀 i love wooden stuff to, i hope they get the wood from farmed trees but hehe! xx

  5. In italy Dad’s family celebrate on the 24th too :)…
    A 4 course meal starting at 9 and going well on past midnight and developing into an opening presents celebration..

  6. @ Mina: in DK I have been told you get the dinner is around 6pm or something similar, and you get the gifts on the 24th (after some singing and dancing around the tree :P) – Well, that means I will get gifts earlier this year 😀

  7. perhaps they won’t give u any gifts :P:P

    ur assuming dear Ann


  8. @ Cec: I didn’t say i was expecting gifts :P. I said it felt like an early Christmas present

  9. “you get the gifts on the 24th (after some singing and dancing around the tree :P) – Well, that means I will get gifts earlier this year ”

    That implies ur expecting gifts 😛

  10. O: )

  11. At my in-laws, they wake up super early in the morning; lunch at noon; and dinner at 6 p.m. on the dot. Danish cuisine is nothing special and sometimes it’s tasteless.

  12. @ Bluefish: Well – I will only be arriving in DK on the 24th of December cos I need to be in London till the 23rd!!! I will be in DK around noon – so I will pick up from there. Hehe – we will have to see about the food – al I know so far is that it stresses me out so much to eat their smogebrod? with a knife and a fork!!!! But I do love the one with the roast beef, remoulade(?) and fried onions – mmmm

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