Posted by: annmucc | October 21, 2008

MRI scan…

Don’t get too scared…there is nothing wrong with me (though I know that will probably disappoint a few of you :P)…but today I went for an MRI scan…

And ‘WHY?’ I can hear you all asking? Well, a PhD student in the Neuroscience department needed subject for her study, so I agreed to be subjected to the things she wanted the subjectees to be subjected to :P. So this afternoon saw me making my way to the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. This involved staying in the MRI scanner for around 40mins, while doing tasks involving grip strength etc etc.

MRI scanner at Wellcome Trust Scanner for Neuroimaging

MRI scanner at Wellcome Trust Scanner for Neuroimaging

Not the ‘fun’est (excuse my English :P) thing ever, but I got a free MRI scan, and also got paid for it! Wow – that was great 🙂 – any money is great!

BTW – You have ot put on earplugs when you go in…so she had to measure my ears to know the size of the plugs to give me…and guess what she said when I asked? Yes I do have very small ears…she has only had one other one who had ears just as small as mine…not even smaller!!! Same size!…my ears are really small it seems :-/



  1. small ears small ears small ears.
    there’s nothing wrong with that is there?

  2. @ Mina: you tease me…so it seems like there is…Well – it just means that ear plug headphones rarely if ever stay IN the ear, making it stressful to hear anything on them (which also means I don’t damage my ears with them :P)

  3. you get headphones instead 🙂 and they’re all the rage now anyways.

  4. @ MinaL Lol – I think it is more thaat I don’t have the patience to sit down and listen to music – if I am working I don’t want distractions, and if I am not I don’t want to be connected to anything on my ears – prefer to have the music sounding from something else – and if people are there…who needs the music? – just talk to them 😛

  5. depends who the people are :p if its you in the background, ghalxejn titfa headphones :p xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. @ Marilyn: 😥

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