Posted by: annmucc | October 22, 2008

Another Good Piece of News…

Today, after receiving the news about Slovenia, one of the guys in my office told me that the administrator had just phoned for me…WOOHOOO…that could only mean one thing…and I was right! The university computer software had arrived. The computer itself had arrived in the beginning of last week, but it had no software, like Office and whatnot, so I could hardly use it…Today it arrived. So after a busy morning installing things on it (legitimate for once :P), I had a decent up and running pc…

Only one problem…The size of the text etc was so large, I was getting headaches from looking at it…call my personal technician (=my brother) – problem solved – increase the resolution – wow! I can now work decently on it.

And the best thing about it? I do not need to lug my laptop around :D. A few days ago my brother had also helped me set up



  1. illalu iehor!
    give us a break!
    no don’t I live on your blog 😛

  2. @ Mina: Illalu iehor what? It’s the first pc I blogged about…haven’t got all that many

  3. Hmm…or where you meaning another blog? Confused now :S

  4. yeah I meant another blog post

  5. @ Mina: well – I like to keep my blog numbers high O: )

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