Posted by: annmucc | October 23, 2008

Belated but Much Appreciated

Today on arriving home I found letters in the post – wooohooo! – As always, I am happy to get anything in the post. In fact, when I wa back in Malta, one of the first things I used to ask when I got into the door was – ‘Ma – ghandi posta?’ (Mum – do I have any post?) Most days the answer was no, but I liked the anticipation anyways.

This time however I was actually expecting something! MCA had asked me if I had received anything, and of course that meant that someone had sent me something 🙂 – he said it wasn’t him…so had no idea who it was from.

Today I found a letter and a gift from his sister and her family as a belated birthday gift. WOW 🙂 That was nice! I have never bought my sister’s boyfriend or my brother’s girlfriend any gifts so far, and I never really though about it. I didn’t even GET a gift from my brother/sister this year, let alone their boyfriend or girlfriend! (mind – I wasn’t in Malta at the time, and haven’t returned yet). Well – his sister sent me a scarf frm the company she works in, which is highly appreciated and will be definitely used ;). She also wrote me a long letter with news and things :D.

Thanks so much Majbrit (Magnus and Mogens) 😀


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