Posted by: annmucc | October 23, 2008

My Cooking Repertoire Grows Larger

Tomorrow, the people in my office decided that we should have lunch together to relax a bit together. So this meant that all of us will be taking some food to university tomorrow. In Malta, things like this are quite easy for me to settle – ‘gbejniet u gallett’ anyone? 😛 (local cheeselets and water crackers). However, here, of course, these are not available, os had to think up something else.

I was planning on making a dip, but I was told by SOMEONE that I should try to impress (implicating that a dip is not impressive…). I stated that I am not out to impress, but to keep the people alive – not killing anyone is my goal! However, I took something from those discussion, rejected the cake options being put forward, and decided to make a pasta salad.

Now, doing a pasta salad here is a bit hard – no big pots, no big bowls to carry it in, no stuff, etc. etc. – you get my drift. However, having decided on pasta, I said I will do it some way or another. So the past hour has seen me make this pasta salad for tomorrow…which had to be divided into two medium-sized bowls since that was all I found!

The Recipe? Here it goes!


penne: I bought 1kg, but the pot could only take around 300-400g I guess, so put in as much as the pot could hold!

tomatoes: 5

rocket salad: 1 packet

tuna: 1tin

cheese: 2 sticks

salad dressing: 2 spoons

I guess I don’t need to explain how to make it: cook the pasta, cool it under running water, chopped the stuff, and toss it in – mix well…refrigerate 😀



  1. well I think I’ve been in worse situations when it comes to cooking. I decided to make these fried sweets for a taster session. The problem was I had no bowl to mix them in, no salt, no measuring cups, no weighing scales thing… quite bad,
    so yh i know how you feel, but its grt that you managed 🙂

  2. @ Luisa: hehe – no it wasn’t the worse ever for me either – in Germany I once made qassatat with no measuring instruments :)…but as long as I have managed (and you too when you did it) I’m happy 😀

  3. Welllll you still opted for an easy recipe 🙂 Just let us know the verdict 🙂

  4. @ Renette: Hmm…thanks for your support ehh – rather than telling me congrats you pettily comment that it was easy to do! hmmmf
    (I must say I agree I chose an easy one, cos I didn’t want to do anything which could fail miserably!).
    Well, it went well I think – only cooked around 300kg, but there is around half still left over! Maybe I will eat it tomorrow? Also, I was worrying I took only a little, but other people who got food food (not biscuits etc) got similar or smaller amounts – so it was fine I guess 🙂

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