Posted by: annmucc | October 25, 2008

The Great Midnight Walk

Last night, outside my room at around 10:15pm, I met Janina, a Swiss girl living in the residences here who is studying for her A’ Levels in London. She was going for a walk – do I want to join? Sure! Why not? Nothing else to do. So I hurriedly said goodbye to the people I was talking to online (very rudely I must say), put on my jacket, and off we went.

Ahhhh – It was good to do this unexpected trip. Just walking around in the night around London and talking to this girl who although young has travelled a lot. It was also good to see London at night, with less people (albeit more drunken people :P) and see area which I haven’t been to, such as Soho. We walked through Hyde Park, down Picadilly Circus, into Leceister Square…By now Janina was hungry, so we stopped at Wagamama for something to eat. As we entered the restuarant, the manager told us: ‘We are closing in 15minutes…Why?…Emmm – It is late…What time is it? Midnight!’ Oh gosh! We had already been walking for more than 1.5hrs. Well, he said we could order something if we wanted (and was very nice about it), so I ordered some duck things, and she ordered a curry noodle soup. We had it down in around 15 minutes, and weren’t the last to leave (though only by a few seconds/minutes :P). From there we walked on to Soho and Oxford Street, where we caught the N10 night bus to take us home. We arrived home after 1pm…after around 3hrs on the way.

See for yourself the way we walked: blue is walking; red is the bus…



  1. make sure you familiarise yourself with the best drinking places around for when i come visit, which i still intend to do, so you better get used to the idea that you’re going to have me bugging you for about 5 days or so :p xxx

  2. @ Marilyn: Hehe – sure! Will try to (though not sure how successful I’ll be :P). I think I can stand you bugging me for 5 days – whenever you want to try it out, just let me know 😛

  3. […] and a t-shirt, so wouldn’t be too bad). Luckily, Janina, the girl I had gone for that long midnight walk with, and with whom I went for a walk yesterday again, offered to lend me a black tshirt. […]

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