Posted by: annmucc | October 28, 2008


OK Ok – no fire…just wanted to get your attention to tell you about the Fire Lecture we had yesterday.

Well – a prerequisite of staying at my student residence is that you attend one of two fire lectures held at the beginning of the year. They take fire seriously here, and I certainly did not want to get kicked out of here for not attending that!

As I had been told beforehand, the lecture started with a quiz which we all had to fill in, and discuss afterwards. Most of the girls seemed to have already done the exact same quiz before – and were bored out of their minds it seemed (besides being helped with a bit of alcohol!!!)…Well, I had never done it and I was bored! It was nothing that you couldn’t figure out yourself.

After that came the more interesting part of the lecture – using fire extinguishers. It seems like here they follow the rules of if you think you can tackle it, do so. I always remember being told to raise the alarm and move away, but maybe different country different rules? Who knows? (or maybe it is me who doesn’t really remember :P). I got to open and use the water fire-extinguisher. Cool experience 🙂


Fireeee 🙂



  1. Where are you residing right now? I’m not sure if I know your exact location.

  2. @ Life in Montreal: It’s a residence called Maria Assumpta

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