Posted by: annmucc | October 28, 2008

Reading at the British Library as a Registered Reader ;)

Remember a few posts back, when I said I have become a registered reader at the British Library?

Well, today was the first day I made use of my registered reader card; the BL had a couple of journals I wanted to refer to which I don’t have access to through my university, so last week I requested the journals for today.

Entrance to the British Library

Entrance to the British Library

I must say I was impressed with the idea of having all these books and materials at my disposition. When I thought of the national library, I always think along the lines of a lot of old musty books collecting dust. At least that was my impression from the National Library in Malta (could be because I always went there to refer to old books?)

Well – here they have access to loads of journals, and they need to keep a copy of every book published in the UK (even romance fiction apparently :P). They also purchase or may receive other material from abroad. It is a great resource for students, having these books at the fingertips, ready to be accessed when needed!


  1. I love books!

  2. @ Mina: XD

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