Posted by: annmucc | November 1, 2008

TV Watching

I have been in London for over a month now. In all this time, I only went down to the TV room once (always same 3 or 4 girls there and not very welcoming, so not really interested in going there – most of the girls here agree). That was fine, cos as everyone surely knows, there is little benefit from watching TV (unless it is a documentary or so I guess).

Welllll…that has changed over the past few days (A). Some two or three nights ago I was at home going round on the internet, and came across an article where ANTM (America’s Next Top Model for all those of you unitiated out there). Back home I used to watch most of the episodes – not because I have any interest in becoming a model or in the fashion industry (as you would undoubtedly realise as soon as you meet me :P), but I think more because it is something to do on a certain night that you put into your routine and sort of need to know what will happen next (even if every week you say – ‘Hmm…the level is so bad, maybe I should stop watching this programme!’).



Over the past few days, I have watched cycle 11 up to where has been shown up to now (it is still being aired), and have now started watching cycle 10 (which I had never watched before).

I feel like I need to shout: ‘HEEEELP – save me from this’, but not really sure I want to 😛



  1. evillll tv, evilll tv….

  2. @ Mina 😛

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