Posted by: annmucc | November 2, 2008

ANTM, Travelling and Whatnot

As I said yesterday, I have been watching ANTM on youtube over the past few days. Today I finished watching cycle 10 – (yipppeeee I am sure you’re all saying :P).

Well, one thing I was happy about was that the winner wasn’t a size 0 or 2, but a decent size 10! She was confident about how she looked (hehe – she was gorgeous so no reason not to :P) and it showed. This was the first time someone of her size (not that in the real world that would be too much!!!) reached this stage of the game, let alone win it. In previous cycles it seemed that the plus/full-size models (or whatever you want to call them) lost their bubbly personality half-way through. I think the way this was done differently this time was that this girl did not focus on her being bigger than the others and this made the judges not focus on that either. Good on you girl!

Another aspect of ANTM is that towards the end of a cycle, the girls are taken to some location abroad and the programme continues there. This time round, the destination was ROME. As people who know me surely know, I have never been to Rome, with it being on the top of the list of places I definitely want to visit at some point. In the film, Rome looked gorgeous. But what struck me was th architecture and the way of building. It almost took me back to those in Malta – the building style is quite similar between Rome and Malta, but oh so different to London. I hadn’t really thought about this, but thinking about it – I do like the Mediterranean building style 😀 .



  1. Roma!
    aaa che bella!

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