Posted by: annmucc | November 2, 2008

On the Menu for Today

Today was my turn to cook. As I had hinted a few posts back, I wanted to make some good ol’ pasta. Ruth didn’t complain, so that is what I made…penne with bolognaise sauce….MMMM – polpa, minced beef and an onion and a tomato (hehe – had one in the fridge and wanted to get rid of it). As always, I do not know how to calculate volumes, especially for two people, so prepared too much sauce. Not to worry, Ruth told me, put it in the fridge and have bolognaise rice tomorrow (hopefully there is rice on the menu tomorrow!)…well – that is what I did. We’ll see.

Penne Bolognaise

Penne Bolognaise

Also….today…for the first time…we had a starter!!! (Thanks to Ruth). She still had eggs from last week’s English breakfast lunch, so she fried up an egg each again for a starter. I must say I am impressed with Ruth’s fried eggs – always perfect, and with that dipping centre – mmmmm.



  1. yummy!
    I burnt my tongue drinking hot chinese chicken sweet corn soup, 😦 so i have been procrastinating eating all day because it hurts too much 😦
    who would have ever thought that I could procrastinate eating!
    I feel like an icecream

  2. @ Mina: haha – glad I am not the only one burning her tongue :P. Not feeling like an ice-cream, cos my throat hurts (a bit of a cold I guess), but I feel your pain 😛

  3. yummy yummy,
    the jot of food!
    although I wouldn’t be happy with pasta atm, i’m having too much of it.
    but this morning we made scrambled egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast! and freshly squeezed orange juice, YUM


  4. @ Lulu: I was starting to suffer pasta-withdrawal symptoms :P. MMM – freshly squeezed oranges – miss it now (though don’t tell mum that :P)

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