Posted by: annmucc | November 3, 2008

I have been Visited

The visit (which I blogged about yesterday) is now over. I saw my brother off at the tube station at Heathrow airport, and now I am back home.

It started off a bit weirdly – I arrived late, he was not on the bus stop, and did not get off the bus I was expecting him to. After a while he phoned me from someone else’s phone – he was somewhere around the area, but not where the website said his bus should drop him off. So off I went. Back home – it took us around 20mins to find his room, but after that, we both went off to sleep for a good morning today.

It was good to show my brother around a bit – and I am sure he will get to answer loads of questions shot at him from mum – how is she doing? is she eating well? gaining weight? losing weight? is it a safe area? etc. etc. etc.

It was also good to show him where my university is, where I live, and where I spend my time.

However, it wasn’t a traditional visit to London, let’s go see the Big Ben sort of visit :). He has been here before, and he needed to prepare some stuff for tomorrow (or make that quite a decent amount of stuff :P) so we went off to my university where we did some work in between showing him the main campus, the refectory, and different buildings.

I hadn’t seene him since around mid-August (he left Malta before I did, and supposedly returned to Malta for my birthday – but I had already left!) so we could catch up and chat a bit in between work and some fun.

And of course – the most important thing 😉 – he got me a luggage full of stuff, from gbejniet and twistees, to a rug and a mug and a bowl, not to mention Carcassone 😀 (but with no frames 😦 – probably to MCA’s great joy – I will HAVE to find where they are!)


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