Posted by: annmucc | November 4, 2008


As I have probably indicated elsewhere in the blog (I think?) my PhD is a collaborative work with the National Archives (TNA) here in London. As in all archives, there are strict access guidelines. This would mean that unless I got the necessary pass to be able to work in the archives and the lab there to be able to survey what they have, I would have had to be escorted EVERYWHERE by someone – not just a headache for me, but also a great waste of time for the people around me.

Well – I was told I need to get security clearance form Malta…If I had lived for a longer time in the UK they would have got it for me from the UK, but since I have only been here around 1.5months, one from Malta was needed.

Hmmm…but how does one go around getting security clearance? The only thing I know about is the police conduct report. After a while of head scratching, I decided to ask…My contact at the TNA said it sounds OK – let us try.

Hmm…but I am in London…how do I do that from here? So off I went to the police website, and sent off a comment form. A few days later – I was contacted back by a policewoman telling me what I need to do to get it…my family could collect it form her offices – great!

My brother was in London yesterday and got me the report my mother picked up

Today I faxed it to my contact at the TNA.

He talked to security – a faxed copy is enough! Don’t even need to show them the original (it seems). Next time I go, I just need to advise him before to set up a meeting with the security people to be able to have my photo taken and sign off something.

Brilliant – The end sounded so far at the beginning – but now it seems close 🙂

btw – the one today was my first fax 😉


Security Clearance 🙂



  1. very official looking security clearance lol 😉

  2. @ Ruthie: isn’t it 😉

  3. that’s a scurity clearance?!
    cool though… access to TNA; sounds posh 😛

  4. @ Mina: Hehe – the image is not :P. But they seem happy so far. But maybe it is better not to speak before it is complete!

  5. […] today I am off to the National Archives to hopefully finally get the security clearance I have been waiting for. The underground is not working from the tube station next to me (due to […]

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